What does O.E.M mean?

O.E.M. is the acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer.


Why is my stainless steel rusting?

There are many causes and reasons for staining or rust forming on stainless steel, from air born pollution to improper cleaning. Please visit our “How to Keep Your Stainless Stain-Less” section.


What type of stainless steel is best?

Type 304 is the most common type of stainless used in marine and architectural railings. Type 316 does have a better corrosion resistance but because of its higher nickel and chromium content and the addition of molybdenum, it is easer to bend and more costly.


Which is better stainless or aluminum?

This question is best answered by what look, feel and use you as the consumer needs. Both types of material have their own special qualities and deficiencies.


Will the mounting holes in my new rail align with the original holes in my deck?

The mounting holes will align only if the original and replacement rail are made on the same indexed fixture. If an indexed fixture was not used then please visit our “How to Measure” section for directions.


Will my lifelines connect to my new rail without being to tight or loose?

On an O.E.M rail the attachment points should be close enough to the original that the adjustment in the life lines will compensate for tight or loose life lines.


Will the mounting plates of my new rail sit properly on the deck of my boat?

The mount plates will be close. Even using the O.E.M. welding fixture will not insure the mounting plates will sit perfectly on the deck.

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