Our Life Line Stanchions come in 18″, 24″ and 30″with the upright welded at 90 degrees to the mounting plate. The 18″ are for single life lines while the 24″ and 30″ can be had in both double and single line configurations. All stanchions use the “standard” trapezoid shaped mounting plate and have a 5/16″ loop at the base for added strength. 24″ and 30″ stanchions have a 5 hole mount pattern for ¼” fasteners. The 24″ and 30″ have a second piece of stainless steel inside the tube that extends approximately 5″ above the 5/16’ loop to give the stanchion greater strength in this critical area. The “ferrules” for the life line to pass through the upright are pressed in stainless steel tubes with the shoulder rolled over and polished to remove sharp edges. The stanchions are electro-polished after fabrication.

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