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How to keep stainless STAIN-LESS

  • Keep your stainless clean. Cleaning allows the stainless to form a natural protective layer of chromium oxide. The protective layer forms as a natural reaction to the oxygen in the air we breath everyday.
  • Always test an unseen area of your stainless first to be sure you are satisfied with the results of any cleaning attempt.
  • Never use steel wool or steel brushes.
  • The brighter the polish or finish on your stainless the more caution should be used when cleaning.
  • Frequent fresh water rinses followed by drying with a soft rag and waxing with paste automotive wax. If possible use a mild detergent and warm water first then rinse and wax.
  • If scrubbing is required do not use anything abrasive. A soft brush or sponge is recommended.
  • If water rinsing is not a desirable option any glass cleaner is a good choice.
  • For stubborn stains a mild household cleanser, non-scratching can be used, an ultra-fine polishing compound such as Sea Power can be used.
  • When considering chemical cleaners read the label and contact the manufacture or distributer to ensure that the cleaner will not harm the finish on your stainless.
  • Rail is made on original welding fixture.
  • Materials are T304 stainless
  • Tubing is 1" OD with a .049 wall thickness
  • Light bracket in original
  • Light included not
  • Light wire exit through
  • forward mount plate
  • Light wire is pulled
  • Bales welded on aft mount
  • Life line mount points welded in original locations
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